Science, a key to generate value in health innovations and agricultural inputs

Inis Biotech is the Liaison and Technology Transfer Office of Fundación del Instituto Leloir (FIL, Spanish acronym).


September 20, 2018

Workshop of the Liaison and Technology Transfer Offices Network: market research in technology transfer

Last September 11, the third meeting of Liaison and Technology Transfer Offices Network organized by the General Directorate of Science and Technology of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires was held. The aim of this network is to create a space for liaison and learning synergies among the different offices, through work sessions that address different topics associated with the actions carried out by these offices in their work dynamics, in order to find areas of cooperation among the offices to improve and increase the science and technology transfer in Argentina. Each meeting is held in a different institution, which in turn acts as a moderator. On this occasion, the workshop was in charge of Inis Biotech, the liaison and technology transfer office of Fundación del Instituto Leloir. At the headquarters of Fundación del Instituto Leloir, INIS explained, from its experience, the usefulness of market research to analyze the marketing of technologies, the multidisciplinary importance of this task, highlighting the interaction with researchers and the difficulties they may face when obtaining market data, due to the complex characteristics of markets with high science components, unlike more traditional markets. These experiences were exchanged among the working groups formed in the workshop. The groups had a space for analysis where experiences were presented and shared. The mission of the Offices is to promote and link the knowledge of science and technology of the country with the productive sector and the society as a whole, in order to promote and generate innovations of high added value. In this framework, INIS promotes the liaison and transfer of discoveries made by CONICET researchers working in FIL, who are focused on promoting innovation in the health and agricultural inputs sectors. Participant of this meeting: areas of liaison and transfer of the Department of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation, INTA, UNSAM, UTN, UBA, CONICET UNQ, Fundación Barceló, ADIMRA, UBATEC, CETEN, UNTREF, INTI, FAN, FUNPRECIT, among other organisms. Photos: Courtesy of Carolina Perdoménico.

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