• Cooperation consortium

    After approval and authorization by the National Agency of Scientific and Technological Promotion (ANPCyT), the Cooperation Consortium INTA - Inis Biotech SA was established as a Deal Flow Project Facilitator (FFP).

  • CeDeBio expands its labs

    With the awarding of PRIETEC grant from ANPCyT, the business incubator of Instituto Leloir, CeDeBio, expands its capacity to incubate more projects.

  • New project obtains grant from FONARSEC

    A joint venture between Instituto Leloir and Inmunova SA gets a grant from the EMPRETECNO EBT with Inta - Inis Biotech Consortium acting as Deal Flow Project Facilitator.

  • Project gets grant from FONARSEC

    With the assesment and coordination of Inis Biotech, the project "Development of Services for High Throughput Screening (HTS) and New Drug Development through Innovative Technologies" won an EMPRETECNO EBT grant.

  • INNOVAR 2010 Awards

    Inis Biotech received an INNOVAR Award in the category of Technology Transfer and its former CEO, Dr. Mariana Berenstein, was recognized with the award for leading professional on technology transfer.

  • INTA and Inis Biotech

    After approval and authorization by the ANPCyT, the cooperation consortium INTA - Inis Biotech SA, was established as a Deal Flow Project Facilitator (FFP).



We establish links with businessmen, investors and scientists to transfer technology to the society.



Rules of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer procedures for our researchers.



We support and assist entrepreneurs through the Deal Flow Projects Facilitator (FFP) INTA-Inis Biotech.



We have an incubator to support the development of biotech-based companies.

Instituto Leloir

Instituto Leloir

We are the exclusive representative for the commercialization and industrialization of all the intellectual property rights developed at Fundación Instituto Leloir.