INIS BIOTECH Business consultancies

INIS Biotech

As an office of liaison and technology transfer in the field of life sciences, INIS Biotech acquired a very specialized expertise in the design of businesses based on intangibles, on the formulation of projects of high technological innovation and on management of public-private association among companies and researchers and also with scientific entrepreneurs, in order to obtain financing of non-reimbursable contributions and/or soft loans that would allow to accelerate the technological developments of FIL. Today, we also provide consultancy to third parties, our lines of work, which can be adapted to the client's needs, are the followings:<
Consultancy and Formulation of Technological Innovation Projects

Companies, entrepreneurs, institutions or researchers interested in applying for financing, in particular to lines of non-reimbursable contributions and credits from the Agencia Nacional de Promoción Científica y Tecnológica, or similar financial instruments offered by other national and/or municipal agencies of the country and the region.
Technological Business

We offer consultancy to researchers to prepare market research and business plans of the PICT START UP Projects or similar projects that require describing and analyzing the potential business of technologies related to biotechnology research in health and agricultural inputs. Moreover, we give advice to entrepreneurs and start up in the design of their value proposition, technological market analysis and technological business strategy design, based on the required investments and projections for the entrepreneurship valorization.
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