INIS BIOTECH Liaison Researchers

If you are a CONICET researcher in the IIBBA - FIL, INIS BIOTECH can guide you in the processes related to liaison and the technology transfer.

INIS BIOTECH articulates and coordinates these efforts with the CONICET's Liaison Office. If you have doubts, or you want to know more about the following topics, we summarize and enclose the current CONICET regulations.

Do you think you have something new and you need to know if it can be patented?

To assess whether a discovery is patentable, it must be examined by experts, who determine whether it is patentable or not. For this purpose, you must complete an invention form (FDI, Spanish acronym) in CONICET's on-line system, where the request will be processed; then, they will contact you, and later they will report the discovery examination result. To complete the invention form, you must go to the CONICET link:

If you need help to complete the form, you can contact INIS BIOTECH. If you have already sent the FDI, we ask you to inform us at:, so we can make a follow up and analyze the commercial potential in parallel.

Are you interested in applying to a Technological and Social Development Project (PDTS, Spanish acronym)?

The PDTS are projects that must respond to a social need and/or market demand and also must have one or more organizations interested in adopting the technology and in financing part of the development. The CONICET'S PDTS must comply with an evaluation process. Once they are approved, a postdoctoral fellow to the project may be appointed. For details of evaluation criteria and documentation to submit, we recommend you to visit the CONICET website:

Do you want to create a Technology-Based Company (EBT, Spanish acronym) or participate in it in any way?

As a CONICET researcher, you can be part of the creation of an EBT which aims to commercially exploit new products and/or services derived from scientific and technological results. For more information about the possibilities of participating in an EBT, we recommend you to read the following sections at CONICET:

Do you want to work in a company?

You may ask for a change of work place for a period time to other company or you may also provide scientific advice for a period under an R&D agreement. For more information, visit:

Do you want to offer a technology service or consultancy (STAN)?

You can visit the TECHNOLOGY SERVICES section on our website and send us your question if you want to open a new STAN

Other types of transfers established by CONICET and the complete regulations can be found in:

As there are various mechanisms to link with companies and/or undertake the creation of an EBT and/or transfer scientific and technological knowledge, you can visit the office for help. This will make it possible to speed up management in coordination with the Technological Liaison Office of CONICET.

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